About the project


During the last decades there is an increasing interest in the ICT sector, combined with the growing need for professional orientation for students in their last years in high school. Both of these two will help youngsters be better prepared in entering the labour market.

The countries targeted are Bulgaria, Austria and Ireland. Results will also be presented in Liechtenstein (country of the transferred project).

We offer a comprehensive interactive self-assessment and reflection tool that explores and compares personal inclinations of the student with the requirements of various occupations and at the same time uses the advantages of ePortfolio.

The „ePortfolio for Your Future” project combines innovative multimedia self-assessment tool (“self-discovery game”) and ePortfolio to prepare students overcome the mismatch between education and work. A system for identification of the potential early school leavers has been also developed in the frame of the project.





Presently, there is a lack of attractive eConsulting tools for Bulgarian students. There is a discrepancy between students’ inclinations towards preferred learning environment (the Internet) and counselling tools, presently offered to them (traditional training materials, printed handbooks, etc).

According to EUROSTAT (2006), 18 % of the young people in Bulgaria are early school leavers. At the same time, the lack of flexibility, trained school staff and person-centred methods in the educational system in Bulgaria, as well as the unattractive teaching and learning approaches widen the gap between education and occupational realization. In Austria the early school leavers are 9.6% (EUROSTAT, 2006) and this rate has been constantly rising during the past two years. So, concrete measures are required to overcome this negative tendency by decreasing underestimation of the Internet, for example. Our project will propose a method for identification of the early school leavers.




Aim and objectives


The main goal of the "ePortfolio for Your Future" (ePortfolio 4YF) project is to enable consultants prepare students to be aware of their competencies and skills in order to take the right decision for further education or professional development.

The specific objectives of the project are:

• To provide consultants with innovative web-based tool to support the identification of early school leaving by development and monitoring of student personal ePorfolio;

• To develop methodology for assisting students to develop and maintain ePortfolio by pedagogic consultants/student consultants;

• To enable students identify their skills and competences by attractive and amusing self-discovery eGame (“4YF”);

• To train consultants and pedagogic consultants from 4 countries – Bulgaria, Austria, Ireland and Liechtenstein in ePortfolio development and use;

• To propose to key stakeholders a comprehensive interactive self-assessment and reflection tool that reduces mismatch between education and occupational realization of the student;






• Development of “Encouraging students’ professional orientation using modern technologies” Study;

• Organization of valorisation activities – local presentations of the project, meetings with key stakeholders;

• Development of ePortfolio that reflects the specific needs of students in their final years of school education;

• Elaboration of methodological tool to facilitate Consulting with ePortfolio (Consulting using ePortfolio Manual);

• Training of consultants, guidance counselors, tutors and pedagogical consultants from 4 European countries trained on how to use ePortfolio;

• Dissemination of project products to key stakeholders in 4 European countries using the partner network capacity;

• Establishment of pilot testing center and maintenance of ePortfolio 4YF to ensure the project sustainability and follow-up.




The ePortfolio method in the field of career guidance as well as in the process of Lifelong Learning


A key aspect of the ePortfolio 4YF project is the introduction of ePortfolio as a method for professional orientation and career guidance. In order to provide guidance to the young preson/student, the consultant should be acquainted with the ePortfolio 4YF environment, combining 4YF game, Motivation test and ePortfolio. Consultants can use the information shared by users and their results from the game and the test to provide them with advice and consultations. Consultants should compare the person’s opinion with the information from the 4YF Game and the Motivation test results from the second fields in the respective sections from the ePortfolio. This comparison provides the consultant (pedagogic consultant, youth career consultant) with different types of information that can facilitate tracking difficulties or problems in short-term aspect. A special “Consultaning view“ has been created, where the consultant can communicate with the young people, analyze their abilities, skills, interests and provide guidance on career development and professional realization. A set of indicators, interpretation tips and directions on how to implement consulting (step-by-step) using the ePortfolio method have been developed. The information, gathered from the 4YF Game and the Motivation test, as well as the personal opinion of the consulted student, gives a clear picture of young person’s self-awareness.

By using the features of the ePortfolio 4yF environment, consultants can provide guidance for long period of time. If the user updates his/her ePortfolio regularly and keeps track of his achievements, consultants can play a key role in the Lifelong Learning process, by providing tips and advice for the users with a view to their career development and professional realization.


• ePortfolio for Your Future (eGame based environment) consisting of 3 key elements that complement one another, building a unique and comprehensive training tool.

• Interactive self-assessment tool for identification of student competencies (self-discovery web-based game) emphasizing on the advantages of ICT and multimedia and a web-based test, for measuring the risk of early school leaving.

• Student ePortfolio authoring tool – the ePortfolio will be a student planning guide, a depository of student accomplishments, an advisor/student career development guide, a display of academic growth over the college experience, and a marketing/job seeking tool with potential employers.

• “ePortfolio for Your Future” Manual, which will provide methodological support and useful tips to consultants on how to use the ePortfolio 4YF environment in their work with students.